Case Study 1

Family A is a diverse group of individuals, having had very different upbringings, living in different countries, and with quite diverse personalities. When the family started working with The Life Academy they were finding it challenging to be a close family unit, especially as they had not had the opportunity to travel to meet in-person during the Covid pandemic.

Life Academy’s Family Wellness program, which was created to help this pilot family. It has been very successful and has had a meaningful impact on their lives. 

The program has two parts: 

  1. We hold family meetings, via Zoom, to enhance harmony and bring them closer as a unit. During these sessions, we have covers topics such as identifying shared core values, creating a family crest, crafting a mission statement, creating a family charter. The sessions are fun and engaging. By working on exercises with different family members, it has brought the family closer together. As a result of the family wellness program, the family has been inspired to hold their own weekly family catch-up, which is great. 
  2. The second part is that we provided one-to-one empowerment coaching for each family member in all aspects of wellbeing. These sessions are tailored to the individual needs and have covered topics such as finding purpose, changing limiting beliefs holding which are them back, or increasing peace and harmony. For each family member, we also focused on enhancing relationships with themself and their family members. 

It became apparent early on that there were two family members who were not in sync. They seemed to be stuck in their different perspectives and it was impacting the dynamic of the whole group. We, therefore, held a joint coaching session for these two family members, as a safe space to open up, draw a line under the past, and agree to move forward. At the start of the session, they are asked to write down a word to describe their relationship and they chose ‘constrained’ and halfway through the session they were asked to describe their relationship and they chose ‘free’. At the end of the session, the patriarch said “it’s like opening a gift”.

We are delighted that the Family Wellness Program has helped this family to become closer as a unit. We continue with the one-to-one coaching and are now using the forum of the family meetings as a safe space to discuss family matters and to educate the second generation about the succession plan and prepare them for being future wealth owners.