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Hear from Life Academy clients.

Customer Feedback of Create Your Destiny as of Feb 2023

“Elizabeth serves her clients very well and has built strong relationships with them, always putting her client’s needs first. I can see that from the relationships that she has built, and so I am fully in support of her.”

Edmund Leow
Partner at Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP, Singapore

“Elizabeth is extremely client-focused and I would say she excels in getting to know the client and what their pain points are. She really takes the time to understand them and their family dynamics which I think is absolutely fantastic.”

Suzanne Johnston
Partner at Stephenson Harwood LLP, Singapore

I really enjoyed the vision board workshop and also doing the wellness wheel. These exercises really helped pinpoint areas I needed to work on and goals that I want to achieve. I look at my vision board regularly and can see what I have accomplished…… almost everything in the last 2 years! I’ll keep adding to it as it’s a great visual tool. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Australia 2024

Elizabeth Hart truly walks her talk and is the real deal when it comes to ‘Empowering Women’. The first time I listened to Elizabeth Hart speak at an event she got my attention. Confident, powerful and authentic are what come to mind. Her content is well thought through and her delivery is clear and precise. I learnt something I could use straight away. Elizabeth leaves her audience wanting more. I can’t wait to attend her Women’s Life Academy Retreat.

Kim Bux
Just Heal, Founder 2018

Elizabeth is a wonderful force for empowering women. She encourages women to be focused and ambitious in a style that is both strong and feminine. I was so impressed by her “Create Your Destiny” workshop that I immediately engaged her for some one-on-one coaching to overcome my anxieties regarding financial discipline.

Thailand 2019

Not only was the ‘Create Your Destiny’ workshop inspirational, it was also very practical. I walked away with a vision board to guide me in my future path and most importantly for me, practical steps to implement in my daily life.

Elizabeth was extremely adept at managing the dynamics of the group so that everyone had space to contribute and be heard. She was a very knowledgeable and inspiring guide.

Singapore, 2023

Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing your Vision Board Process. I found the time and steps that we followed valuable in being able to understand what my priorities are, what goals sit above others and how to feel comfortable with the balance created through identifying and documenting all of the goals. I had not seriously done this before in my life and have found it really useful in reducing my mind clutter and focussing on what is really important in my day-to-day activities and what is only there to please others. Congratulations on a great program.

Australia 2023

My vision board was created in 2020 and has served as my anchor since. Central to my vision board is a baby photo of myself – a focus point, to honour this child’s WHOLE life – who I am today is to live up to this. Against that backdrop, I align myself with all things that : Serve Me, Grow Me and Make Me Happy.

I love all the images and quotes that resonate powerfully for my life – impressions that call on me powerfully, way beyond the visual images and text themselves. It creates the context of the life I want to live into, my future, a reminder of all things that enable me to look after the life I am honouring, and all those I can make a difference to through my living an empowered life. It enables me to be with what life has dealt me, and to find peace in the present in a way that spurs me to move forward, embracing life as an uplifting adventure. Curve balls have a destabilising and blinding effect and my vision board resets knee-jerk reactions very quickly.

Singapore 2022

I personally found Elizabeth’s coaching to be life-changing. At the time I was only 17 years old and recently was suffering from a serious break-up as well as having major friendship problems. Through communicating my thoughts and feelings with Elizabeth, we were able to clarify the limiting beliefs I had about myself that my experiences had given me. This was only due to Elizabeth creating a calm and open environment in which I felt comfortable expressing the pain I was going through. Now looking back on it, I am eternally grateful as with Elizabeth’s approach, instead of routinely visiting a counsellor, together we got to the root of my internal problems and formed a personalised plan for me to live my life with peace and clarity.

Singapore 2022

I am grateful to Elizabeth for rekindling my desire to draw out what I want to see happen in my life. For starting me on thinking how my legacy could look like if only I give myself the gift of time to dream, the gift of friendship and cameradie to allow others to contribute to my life. Elizabeth inspires me to just take action and the courage to dream outside my comfort zone.
Thank you for sharing yourself and your dreams so generously during the workshop

Aw Siew Geck
Singapore 2020