Case Study 2

Client B was introduced by a professional contact who is a trust lawyer, to consider our group company Legacy Wealth Advisors as a professional protector for a family trust. The client is a second-generation wealth owner and, being the eldest child of an Asian family, has been tasked with the responsibility of organizing the wealth management & succession plan for the family. 

Subsequently, the client attended the WealthiHer Global Summit in Asia where Elizabeth Hart, CEO of The Life Academy delivered two inspiring sessions: the first was participating in a panel discussion about how financial institutions can empower female clients and the second was an inspiring masterclass on Creating Your Impact. 

Following this, and appreciating our unique holistic approach, she engaged The Life Academy to provide one-to-one coaching for Financial Empowerment. We are pleased that she has subsequently engaged our group company Legacy Wealth Advisors, who provide independent expertise, to lead a project to tailor a bespoke succession plan for the family.