May 2024 – Keeping Balance in All Aspects of Well-being

In these modern times, it’s very easy to let ourselves get out of balance. We focus on one or two areas of our well-being and think we can let the other areas slide. We often do this unconsciously, until we get to a point where it impacts our performance at work, our relationships or our health. 

Many people use their phones, email & social media as soon as they wake up. Easy to get sucked into the virtual world, knocked off balance. They lose their sense of self, their connection to themselves, their connection to others and to a higher power.

Keeping ourselves balanced is like spinning a plate on a stick. We need to keep the plate balanced by keeping ourselves balanced in all areas of well-being. Whenever we’re not in balance, our plate begins to wobble. It may even wobble so much that we start to crash into other people around us and if we allow it to wobble even more, it is likely to fall. 

I have noticed that this seems to happen often within two groups of people:

Young people and senior executives in full-time corporate roles.

It’s happened to me. 

When I was in my corporate role it was hectic. I would be working full time with frequent business trips and raising 3 children. I would go to the office and have in mind the tasks I wanted to complete that day. However, my time was zapped by everyone else’s priorities.

I became ill with a heavy cold, sore throat, blocked nose and headache. I eat fairly healthily and exercise regularly, so why had I become ill? Why did I become ill and those around me didn’t? The answer came to me. The previous week, I had allowed myself to get out of balance. I became stressed with everything going on, I felt very anxious about a situation and it manifested into severe tension in my body. This meant I didn’t sleep well for 3-4 nights which just added to my imbalance. I had allowed my thoughts to invoke the stress response, which lowered my immune system and allowed the bug to take hold. 

I thought I was balanced. 

I recently helped a teenager, who was out of balance. They said when they were out of balance it felt like they were not part of the world. They saw others going about their lives but they felt no emotion, like they were a ghost floating above and looking down on the activity below but not being part of it. When they are balanced, they feel they are part of the world and joining in with the activities of life. 

Another teenager said that on bad days they feel ‘helpless’. In my view, it’s okay to have those feelings but I would love to equip teenagers and young people with the skills to recognise when they are out of balance and how to pull themselves back. 

I had lunch with a friend recently who is heading a business. She was telling me that they are so busy, she is just about keeping her head above water. She’s working so hard and has stopped all her personal hobbies. From the moment she gets into the office she has a team member at her door. 

I was honest with her and suggested she may want to take her power back and set some boundaries. It’s like a superhero movie when the hero is being beaten down by the bad guys. At some point, a moment in time arrives when the hero makes a decision to make a comeback and win the day.  

So how can you come back? 

How can we stay centred & balanced in all areas of our health?

Well, I suggest starting with a simple step.

Dedicate time for yourself first before helping others.

Set up a morning routine to stay connected.

Morning routine. 

  1. Don’t look at your device
  2. Centering exercise: Breathe & connect to who you want to be
  3. Ask: How do you want to show up for today?
  4. Ask: What emotions do you want to live that day?
  5. Visualise your day unfolding exactly as you wish.

Many successful people have a morning routine. It keeps you strong so you can take life’s knocks in your stride. Develop a knowing that you can deal with anything and reduce any feelings of helplessness. 

As Marianne Williams talks about, we shower in the morning to clean off yesterday’s dirt before we start a new day. If we wake up, watch TV, read the news, and go straight into e-mails, we take on the stress of the world. We may have cleansed our bodies but not our minds. Meditating in the morning is as important as showering to purify our mind and consciousness. It reduces stress and helps us to focus on the day ahead in a calm and balanced way. 

I hope you find this helps as a reminder of how to keep yourself balanced to live with purpose and fulfilment as the best vision of yourself.

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