Feb 2023 – CYD Event

Our Create Your Destiny event in February 2023 was a blast! Thank you to our amazing participants, who played full out. It was a lovely small group, creating a safe space for each person to have a voice. As the event was held virtually, it allowed people to join from different countries, which was great. For some it was the first time they had taken time for themselves, to consider the direction of their lives, their purpose, their goals and how to keep themselves balanced in mind, body & spirit. It was great fun and we received some wonderful feedback. I look forward to our next event. 

“Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing your Vision Board Process. I had not seriously done this before in my life and have found it really useful in reducing my mind clutter and focussing on what is really important and what is only there to please others.  Congratulations on a great program.”  Pauline, Australia

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