Jan 2024 – How Emotions Create Your Reality (Extract from Create Your Destiny)

What is emotion? Emotion is energy in motion. We are all made of energy. We all have an energy frequency or a vibration. 

Negative energy or emotions have a lower, slower energy frequency. Positive feelings have a higher & faster frequency. 

Low energy attracts low energy. If you radiate negative low energy emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, etc; it weakens you and also attracts more of the same. If you change your thoughts to high-energy emotions, it strengthens you and attracts high energy. If you radiate happiness, joy and peace, you attract more of the same. 

At the moment there is a lot of anxiety around, which can create fear. If you spend all day listening to news about global problems and absorbing continual messages of bad news, it can impact your thoughts, which impact your emotions throughout the day. 

Many people find themselves focused on the external world, on what they can’t control and on the future which is uncertain and this is a perfect recipe for increasing fear. 

There is a spiritual teaching called The Course of Miracles that says “There are only two emotions, fear and love” If you decide to move towards love then the fear disappears. It’s like bringing a light into a dark room – the darkness cannot survive and evaporates. The same happens if you bring positive energy to a problem. 

I believe that the quality of your life is the quality of the feelings you have on a consistent basis. If you feel depressed and sad then your life is depression and sadness. If you feel content and happy then your life is contentment and happiness.

I recommend, at the start of every day, thinking about the emotion you want to cultivate that day. Every night, consider the emotion you want to give to your subconscious mind to dwell on as you sleep. Focus on fostering positive emotions of love & gratitude and see what a difference it makes in your life!

Remember our energy creates our emotions, which creates our reality!

Image from: https://pixabay.com/photos/sea-sun-girl-vacation-nature-4501231/

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