August 2023 Insights – What is Family Wellness and Why is it important?

Family Wellness Programs

The National Wellness Institute offer this definition:

 “Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward a more successful existence.“  

National Wellness Institute  

Thrive Global offer this definition of family wellness: 

“It is a state of positive interaction between members of the family, for them to enjoy ideal mental, social, and physical well-being.”

In our view, family wellness is about creating an environment where each individual family member is healthy & happy, living with purpose and fulfilment and in harmony with themselves, their family and the world around them. 

Why is family wellness important? Well, firstly there are numerous studies on happiness and longevity, which all indicate that one key contributing factor is the quality of our relationships. 

At the end of our lives, we don’t have wealth or status. We only have the impact we have made on the lives of others. In the last moments of our life, if there are any regrets, it’s not likely to be wishing we spent more time in the office or that we had accumulated more possessions. We are much more likely to regret not embracing the quality time we had with our loved ones. 

At Legacy Wealth Advisors we help families to preserve & grow their wealth and ensure smooth transition of wealth to a prepared next generation. When we think of succession planning and leaving a legacy; what does that really mean? Our only true legacy will be the values we shared and the meaningful impact we had of others, which will ensure well beyond our lifetime.

So how can we enhance family wellness to ensure harmony through generations?  

At The Life Academy, we have created a family wellness program to enhance family relationships to ensure harmony through generations and to support the wellbeing of individual family members and to prepare the rising generation to be future wealth owners.

In our family wellness programs, we help families to enhance their relationships in two ways;

  1. We hold family meetings to create a safe space for families to have open communication and to discuss important family matters. This can be somewhat like team building. We plan fun and engaging sessions to ensure everyone is on the same page. It may cover topics like shared values, mission statements and family charters.
  2. The second part of our family wellness programme is really our ‘secret sauce’. We provide individual one-to-one coaching with each family member in all aspects of wellbeing. It could be about their mindset, physical health, emotions, and spiritual growth and often it’s about relationships which tie in with the family meetings. 

It’s like spinning a plate. Imagine you are spinning a plate, high up on a stick. The plate is a circle with segments for all the areas of your life, from physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual growth and occupational health. In order to keep the plate spinning you need to keep yourself balanced in all areas of your life. 

In our family wellness programs, we aim to support each family member in keeping themselves balanced in all areas of their lives. The reason is that if you have one person who is not balanced, they effectively have their plate wobbly and they are lunging from side to side bumping into other family members. Whereas if you can get each family member to balance their own plate, you can get the whole family in harmony and effectively ‘synchronised spinning’.

Please take a moment to think about your personal well-being. How is your own plate spinning at the moment? Are you managing to keep it balanced? Or is it wobbly from side to side, bumping into other family members? 

Think about your personal relationships. Give yourself a score of 1-10 for your relationship with each member of your family, 1 being the lowest it could be and 10 being the highest score it could be. 

Are there some relationships that you would like to improve? What is one thing you can do today to take that relationship in the right direction? Maybe you could send a message or arrange to spend some quality time with that person. 

It’s not easy to keep ourselves balanced and even more challenging to keep all members of our family balanced and spinning their plates in harmony, but then nothing in life that is worthwhile ever comes easy. It’s a journey and we are here to support you on this journey.

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